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          Entwickeln Sie grüne Wasserprodukte und realisieren Sie eine qualitativ hochwertige Züchtung


          In recent years, Fangcheng District has given full play to the advantages of aquatic resources, adhered to the development concept of "innovation, coordination, green, open, and shared", and spared no effort to accelerate the green and high-quality development of aquaculture to increase fishermen's income, fishery production, and social efficiency.
          Aquaculture occupies an important position in the agricultural production of Fangcheng District. In order to scientifically plan the layout, the district formulated the "Fangcheng District Aquaculture Water Tidal Flat Plan" (2018-2030) to further clarify the scope of the tidal flat functional area of ??the aquaculture water area, clarify the development bottom line, stabilize the basic aquaculture area, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of fishermen.
          In the development process, the area pays attention to the improvement of quality and efficiency. On the one hand, it vigorously develops offshore deep-water aquaculture, and guides enterprises to develop deep-sea aquaculture through investment promotion, expand aquaculture space, and promote the development of offshore aquaculture; on the other hand, it actively develops factoryization. Circulating water aquaculture, three-dimensional aquaculture of marine pastures, and the creation of offshore deep-water cage aquaculture and fishery demonstration parks will accelerate transformation and upgrading. At the same time, continue to strengthen fishery science and technology level, promote the application of a batch of new aquaculture species, new technologies and new models, establish a batch of large-scale characteristic breeding bases, and accelerate the development of modern aquatic seed industry, ecological recycling fishery, and seawater Efficient breeding. At the same time, it actively strives for special funds at all levels, and guides breeding enterprises (breeding farms) to carry out standardization and standardized transformation of breeding sites, and comprehensively improve the comprehensive level of fishery production.
          After continuous efforts, the aquaculture industry in Fangcheng District has made breakthrough progress. It has successfully created an autonomous region-level demonstration area, a county-level demonstration area, 3 township-level demonstration parks, and a village-level demonstration site. A number of major agricultural industry projects such as Dunyugang Economic Zone, Guihai Modern Urban Recreational Fishery Demonstration Park, and Blue Bay Deepwater Anti-wind and Wave Cage Farming Base have accelerated construction or put into operation, and offshore aquaculture has achieved a "zero" breakthrough. Featured breeding industries such as prawns, big oysters, golden pomfret, and tilapia have flourished. More than 470 deep-sea anti-wind and wave aquaculture cages have been built. The total output of golden pomfret is expected to exceed 12,000 tons this year.
          At present, there are 6 enterprises that have settled in the south of Jiangshan Peninsula to carry out deep-sea aquaculture, and have obtained the right to use more than 20,000 mu of the project sea area, built 220 mu of shellfish floating raft culture, and built 3 raft-type oyster culture bases, with a breeding area of ??about 4000 Mu; 8 prawn pond breeding bases with a breeding area of ??about 12,000 mu; 1 deep-sea anti-wind and wave cage breeding base with a breeding area of ??about 8,000 mu; 1 stream fish breeding base with a breeding area of ??about 4,000 mu. Large-scale bases account for more than 60% of the aquaculture area in the entire region.
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