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          Peru Squid

          English name: Peru Squid
          Latin name: Dosidicus Gigas
          Japanese: アメリカオオアカイカ
          Available specifications:
          Freezing treatment: frozen
          Packing: According to customer requirements
          Freezing method: ship freezing
          Warranty date: 540 days
          made in China

          Food nutrition

          Features and value

                   Peruvian squid is a low-fat and high-protein food. The content of calcium and Ca is (1.64‰). The total amount of amino acids, ∑EAA/∑AA. Peruvian squid contains 10 kinds of unsaturated fatty acids, and the content of DHA is high. The squid is rich in protein and calcium. , Phosphorus, iron, selenium, iodine, manganese, copper and other trace elements. The peptides and selenium contained in trace elements have antiviral and anti-ray effects. Squid is also rich in DHA (commonly known as brain gold), EPA and other highly unsaturated fatty acids, which are very beneficial to human bone development and hematopoiesis, and can also prevent anemia. Chinese medicine believes that squid has the functions of nourishing yin and stomach, tonic and moisturizing skin.

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