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VOIPo is a VOIP service, also known as a digital phone service. VOIPo can replace your local phone company if you have some sort of Broadband always on internet connection such as DSL, cable, fiber, etc. VOIPo has been around since 2006 and is backed by Hostgator, a large hosting company. We use their service and prefer it over the other providers. We use VOIPo both with, and without their VOIP adapter. VOIPo has a 30 day money back guarantee. VOIPo can also allow 2 phone calls per line from or to the same phone number. This divides the price in half, a very powerful feature.

VOIP service can be very useful in todays small business world and at home. With VOIP, it’s easy to get numbers outside of your area, to make you more reachable to your customers or family. Also, VOIPo can generally save quit a bit of money over your local phone company, with a lot more features. In home use, many people we know have no local phone line any more, they use only VOIP. I, the author, have only VOIPo at my house and I have a local number in the city where my sister lives, many states away.

VOIPo is cheaper than their major competitors. But, it is no less a service. With any VOIP service, call quality depends on a variety of factors such as your ISP connection speed and consistency, your router, whether or not you use QOS, and other factors. For us, call quality is outstanding in general, more than good enough for our needs. Unlike the largest competitor, VOIPo has business plans that allow connection to your VOIP phone system via SIP. If you are a business, and it is absolutely necessary 100% of the time to have perfect call quality with no exceptions, do not go with any VOIP service as you cannot guarantee that. That being said, we find it superior to cell phone calls and many times equal to land line quality. VOIPo does not require your computer to be on or functioning, it works via an adapter they send you which you connect to your broadband internet service. Your phone(s) then attach to the adapter. You can also use other SIP based devices or softphones.

VOIPo can transfer your existing phone number in most cases. You can use it with regular phones by using the VOIPo adapter, or, you can use it with a large number of phone systems supporting VOIP with or without an adapter. VOIPo has plans for residential and business and unlimited calling and long distance. You also get 60 free minutes of international calling each month to selected countries. VOIPo can also do fax to email and outbound faxing. It is available nationwide and you can get a number local to most areas of the country. However, there is no requirement that the number be in your area, sometimes, it is to your advantage to get a number in a nearby large city. You can also get no local service at all - just a forwarded number if you already have local service you want to keep. So, get a number in New York, but, the call rings to your local phone company number.

VOIPo has a large number of features. Features of VOIPo included with every plan include:
  • 7, 10, and 11 digit dialing
  • 911 service
  • Anonymous call or private call rejection
  • Blacklist last caller
  • Block sending your caller ID info (all the time, or by call)
  • Call blocking
  • Call forwarding (and you can set the number via your phone)
  • Caller ID with name, you can also set the caller id for specific numbers so you can recognize callers more easily
  • Call logs
  • Call recording
  • Call return
  • Call waiting with caller id (or turn it off)
  • Distinctive ring
  • Directory Assistance (411)
  • Do not disturb (can also set from a phone)
  • Failover number, or to voicemail (can also set from a phone)
  • Find me
  • Inbound call routing - specify numbers, ranges, groups, etc. that route to busy, disconnect, forward, or go to voicemail
  • International call block
  • Last number redial
  • Outbound call routing - like inbound call routing, so, you can prevent numbers from being used, etc.
  • Schedule call forwarding and do not disturb settings
  • Simultaneous ring
  • Softphone support
  • Speed dials - unlimited
  • Telecommunications Relay Service (711) for deaf and blind
  • Telemarketer block - community based submissions list
  • Three way calling
  • Transfer your existing phone number in most cases to VOIPo
  • Voice mail, can email voicemail and can send SMS message notifications. You can also manage online and check remotely
  • Web based management
Other VOIPo features available for a slight surcharge include:
  • Virtual numbers, including toll free
  • Faxing, outbound via email and inbound to email (Requires a fax number)
VOIPo features are turned on and off via online access. No need to wait on your local phone company any more!
If you need any assistance with understanding VOIPo before buying it, please contact us. We can help you make the right decision.

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