HP3000 Consulting

5 Diamond IT Consulting has resources with over 20 years experience with HP3000 consulting in MPE/iX. Languages include Powerhouse, Cobol, Fortran, and more. We’ve got extensive experience with packages such as MANMAN, SFD, DRC, and custom developed MRP packages (we even wrote one!). We also have experience integrating the HP3000 into web service environments (including SOAP) both to and from the HP3000. For example, we recently linked a HP3000 system to the Vertex tax system. The Vertex system was accessed via SOAP calls from the HP3000. Other examples of work we have done includes writing a inventory control / purchasing system.

Our HP3000 Consulting experience is top notch. If you need any sort of utility to make your environment work better or integrate, we can handle it. The HP3000 remains a stable and viable platform for many companies.

Contact us with specific needs for HP3000 Consulting.

5 Diamond IT Consulting recommends Kall8 for use in small businesses. Kall8 provides toll free phone numbers. Normally, people shop for those based on one thing - lowest rate. But they are missing out on so many possibilities... Kall8 does that, and adds a lot more. Such as ANI caller ID for all callers, online access, voicemail, conference calls, call routing based on criteria, follow me, call recording, and more. In many cases, you can eliminate a service you already have with your local phone company, such as voicemail, and pay for the service. Check out our Kall8 page for a full description of the benefits.

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Open source software we work with includes Apache HTTP server, cURL, Fedex Shipping for osCommerce and Zen Cart, MySQL, Mariadb, osCommerce shopping cart, PHP, and Zen Cart shopping cart. We offer services such as shell scripting, HP3000 consulting. Tools we recommend for small business include KALL8 toll free phone service, VOIPo VOIP phone service